Take the pain out of learning vocabulary
Dictionary Blaster features a selection of 'arcade' style games, all of which have been designed to be fairly simple and lots of fun. However,  Dictionary Blaster should not be regarded purely as a source of entertainment, but rather, as a tool for learning. Research into memory enhancement has determined that learning arbitrary material such as vocabulary can be more effective if the brain is in a heightened state of arousal*.  This can be induced by performing a stimulating task whilst being presented with the material to be remembered. Dictionary Blaster aims to harness this relationship, providing students with a way to learn English vocabulary more quickly and more enjoyably than has been possible until now. An interesting article by Rolf Palmberg entitled 'Computer games and foreign language vocabulary learning'  further highlights the potential for computer game software to improve the experience of foreign language students.** Dictionary Blaster is free so go grab your copy now, from the link below.
Features: - Suitable for students of English Language - all   age groups. - Aimed at students ranging from  beginner to   intermediate. - Learn spoken words and or written words. - You can start using the software without any     English language experience at all.
‘Dictionary Blaster’ is free to download and easy to install.
System requirements: -Windows XP / 7 -1.5 Ghz processor or higher -1 GB ram or higher -500 MB hard disk space
*Arousal-Mediated Memory Consolidation: Role of the Medial Temporal Lobe in Humans K.S. LaBar1, E.A. Phelps1 Effects of Emotion on Memory Specificity in Young and Older Adults Elizabeth A. Kensinger, Rachel J. Garoff-Eaton, Daniel L. Schacter Immediate memory consequences of the effect of emotion on attention to pictures Deborah Talmi, Adam K. Anderson, Lily Riggs ,Jeremy B. Caplan, Morris Moscovitch Remembering the Details: Effects of Emotion Elizabeth A. Kensinger **Computer games and foreignlanguage vocabulary learning Rolf Palmberg
Dictionary Blaster
Installation instructions: 1) Download Dictionary Blaster from the link above. Choose ‘save to computer’. After the download is complete the file should appear in your computer’s ‘downloads’ folder. 2) Double click on the Dictionary Blaster file. It should open and reveal a folder contained within called ‘Dictionary Blaster’. 3) Drag this folder to a convenient location on your computer. 4) Open the folder; double click on the file Dictionary Blaster.exe to run the application.
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Hi, welcome to the home of Heliosphere Software, UK. Currently Our main focus is providing support services for leading edge audio software pioneers, Manx Synthesizers. Details can be found below.  The Heliosphere Software homepage is also the home of ‘Dictionary Blaster’ - for anyone who wants to learn English, or just have fun.  It is free of charge:
Download Dictionary Blaster